The original pervy hobbit fancier (cassieclaire) wrote,
The original pervy hobbit fancier

excerpt from Sauron's diary

The Secret Diary of Sauron

Day One: Dirty weekend with Elrond turned sour when I told him purple was not his color.

Day Five Have been marched against by last alliance of men and nancing elves. Is transparent attempt by Elrond to get back at me for comment about purple. I will not take it back! I told him purple made him look like an eggplant, and it does. Is no need for him to get so shirty about it.

Day Six Is not that being defeated by last alliance is so bad, is not even that being reduced to a disembodied eyeball is so bad, although Visine would be a comfort. But whose bright idea was it to slice onions in here?


Blast those orcs and their fondness for onion dip. Have taken their disco ball away. God, it's fun to be evil.

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Please write more!!!!!

cooL! anyway... you are a great writer... *hugs gollum plushie* I may never be able to look at aragorn/legolas/sam the same way again!! lol! great work. A+ *evil grin*
In the most recent post... don't you mean epicyclical , not epicylical? 'cause the latter user doesn't exist...

Just commenting to say that the link to all the diary entries in order isn't working. I really love the diaries and I wanted to send one of my friends a link, but I don't want her to have to go back and try to find everything.
V. Funny. Keep up the good work.
I dont know who you are but my friend sent me this link so i read the entries..and it was realy realy funny. Your journals awsome
Heyy, some friends and I have been a fan of these for a looong time and we've recently come up with the idea of making a faux documentary and using your writing as a script. We may send it to Orlando (depending on how it turns out) and we'd like to acknowledge your writing for it. If you're cool with it let us know, and if there's anything you'd like us to put in there for sending purposes feel free to ask! These are really great. Hope to hear from you soon!
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