The original pervy hobbit fancier (cassieclaire) wrote,
The original pervy hobbit fancier

covering all the world with a second slashiness

Ok. Have buckled like belt. Have written new VSD. Have committed character assasination on Faramir, but then if PJ can do it, so can I.

The Very Secret Diary of Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Part Two

Day One

Ran forty miles across Rohan. No squirrels to eat. Gimli looking about roasting size. Have been told dwarf tastes like chicken. Still not King.

Stubble update: satisfactory.

Day Two

Ran into army of Rohirrim. Asked Eomer if he knew where hobbits were. Got v. cagey answer. Perhaps Eomer still mad about that last bender I went on where I painted rude words in Elvish all over his horse. Decided not to mention he has obviously copied hairstyle from Legolas. He wouldn't be giving me this attitude if I were King.

Day Three

Once you've seen one pile of smoking dead Orcs, you've seen 'em all. That's all I'm sayin.'

Day Four

Ran into Gandalf. Turns out he did not actually die but instead was forced by Balrog to sell out to laundry detergent company and is now Gandalf the Sparkly White. PR whore. Next thing he'll be charging for pointy hat trick.

Day Six

In Edoras. King Theoden giving me attitude. He was all, "Are you King here? Last time I checked, I was King here. I'm lookin' around and I don't see anyone else with a crown on his head. Eh? Eh?"

Was forced to admit I am indeed still not King.

In revenge, stole his wallet when he was not looking and used it to open charge account at Gap of Rohan. Have bought matching poke bonnets for Gimli and Legolas.

Day Seven

Suspect Eowyn fancies me. Cannot blame her as stubble so manly is turning even self on.

Day Nine

Fell over cliff. Stupid wolves of Isengard. Think was rescued by Arwen but when woke up was kissing my horse. Bit of a squick there. Have lost favorite sparkly necklace in river. Feeling v. petulant as there is no such thing as bad jewelry. Well, maybe Ring.

Stubble update: wet.

Day Twelve

Triumphant return to Helm's Deep. Got hugged by Gimli. As if I needed to be reminded that he is belt buckle height yet again. Necklace returned to me by Legolas, yay! He muttered something in Elvish that could have been "You're late" or could have been "Throw me down and shag me rotten." Not entirely sure which. Must brush up on Elvish as do not wish to presume.

Still not King but too busy keeping up men's morale to brood. Upcoming battle should be piece of cake, really.

Day Fourteen

Standing on battlements of Helm's Deep. Absolutely ridiculous number of Orcs headed this way. Who are we kidding anyway. We are so fucked. Perhaps this place has a side door.

Day Fourteen, Later

Elves have sent army of most willowy and graceful warriors to assist us. Will be no use at fighting of course but at least I will die looking at something pretty. Theoden keeps muttering, "It's unbelievable!" about elf army. Was forced to agree --it is unbelievable that Haldir's eyebrows do not match his weave.

Keep trying to sneak out side door, but Gimli following me everywhere. Will never be King at this rate.

Day Fifteen

Unexpectedly victorious in battle of Helm's Deep, but celebration ruined by obnoxious postcard from Faramir, which included picture of himself on beaches of Osgiliath with tiny Ringbearer and fat companion, sharing a pina colada and wearing colorful shorts. Postcard reads:

Dear Aragorn,

Thanks for the Ring and the hobbits. They are small, but v. bendy. Just what I always wanted! Still have fond memories of that night we spent together in Minas Tirith. Love and kisses, Faramir.

God damn Faramir. Might as well just have let Boromir have the Ring and cut out the middleman. At least I know Sam will kill him if he tries anything.

Still not King.

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ROFL!!! Good stuff...
Cassandra! You have outdone yourself, fabulous job! I love your diaries. :) Thank you so much for humouring us all soo much! :)

*bows down*

Yay!! So glad to see ya back at these, I read the first lot and peed meself with laughter and then promptly printed off to share with those strange friends of mine that *gasp* have no internet access.

You rock!

When you do the Eowyn journal......put in something about 'the men' leaving the seat up. That should be funny.
Bwhahahaha! Love the last entry. Stubble update... hehe.
Character asassination on Faramir, so sad. ^_^
You should do an Eomer of Eyown... or Wormtongue.. now that would be interesting...
Now I really can't wait to see the movie (big date with my Daddy tonight, it's his chance to spoil his little princess.)
YES! MORE VSD!!!!!! thankyouthankyouthankyou . . .
Yay! Gandalf the Sparkly White! The postcard! The wallet! Now I have only go and watch the movie.
Ok. Have buckled like belt. YES! ...I mean, I'm sorry. *bows head*

In revenge, stole his wallet when he was not looking and used it to open charge account at Gap of Rohan. Gap of Rohan! *thud*
I die for the potential of the Very Secret Diary of Grimmer Wormtongue...

My dearest Cassio, you have brought joy to many lives today in posting this. The urge to carry you on my back to Mordor is overwelming.

~Your adoring Ashwise
O, the Casster trickeds us, she did. The Casster said it would be a while before more VSDs, if at all! The Casster lied to good fangirls!!

O, but the Casster is our friend. We trust the Casster and the Casster looks after us now.

Bless you, you lying devil.
*dances merrily* yahhh!! More! My 2 friends and I all read VSD before we went to see TTT and we all nearly fell off out chairs at the end at the whole thing between Frodo and Sam... WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I LOFF YOU CASSIE CLAIRE!!!! *grovels at feet*
HURRAH!!!! new diary=good.
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